Stage & film actress

Quince overture

This 'quince' is not the sole member of the genus Cydonia in the family Rosaceae. Oh no, it belongs to an entirely new breed of charismatic actresses with energetic, determinate, yet humble nature, shaped for perfection. Young at heart, but intellectually armed with pinpoint perception and intense actor's instinct, she doesn't tend to "play" her characters - she transforms and becomes who they really are.

Acting is an immersive fulfillment for her, and, regardless of her successes and failures - she always gets back for more. Stubborn enough to be relentless, she believes in intrinsic values of infinite heartfulness and goodness that extends far beyond ourselves. Her paragons are people who reach the deepest parts of their soul only to reveal themselves again.

Dunja (a Serbian name and word for quince) is 5"7' tall and weighs about 119 lbs. The color of her eyes is green and she has brown hair.

That's what makes acting so attractive. You get to break all your own rules.

Career highlights

Classically trained, Dunja has played roles from Shakespeare all the way to modern novelists, working in renowned Serbian repertory theaters, on and off auditoriums, as well as in dozens of contract/recurring roles for daytime and primetime TV.

Starting off as a lead role in a stage play "Who Still Eats Bread and Soup" as well as a supporting role in popular TV show "Emergency Room", Dunja propelled towards demanding plays from Sophocle, Chekov and Carballido, earning her the first prize at a pillar event of Belgrade's theatre festivals "Dani Danila Lazovica" in 2016.

Whilst attending the capital's prestigious drama school, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, she has worked with “greats” of her class, master teachers and directors such as Tomi Janežič, Ivica Buljan, Diego De Brea, Lenka Udovički, and Andrew Margetson.

As of 2020, Dunja Stojanovic has performed in six plays at the Belgrade Drama Theatre and is a member of Slavic Artists Management, a talent agency representing established artists from across the region of Former Yugoslavia.

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